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This is the official website for Ninnu Kori Poetry. The author of Ninnu Kori Poetry is Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley).

She is the creator and author of the writing brands, Ninnu Kori Poetry and The Shiddha.

On this site, you’ll find:

  • information on the upcoming launch of Ninnu Kori Poetry author, Sherley’s, debut book, in the poetry genre, from The Shiddha writing brand, co-authored with fellow writer and poet, Kavina Gopal Koorana, creator and author of The Hopeless Nomad
  • information and links to the author’s and The Shiddha websites
  • author contact
  • and some of the Ninnu Kori Poetry works (more can be found on @ninnukoripoetry where they have been published since 2017 to present)

Ninnu Kori Poetry Series Information:

Ninnu Kori Poetry Original Series

Celestial Rose (Twinflame)

Konjam Kadhal “A little love” (Soulmate)

Darling Demon (Narcissist/ False Twinflame)

Butterfly (Empath/ Self Love)

Light and Dark (Universe/Spirituality)

Black Mamba (Erotic Poetry)

Shuffle Poetry Series (Combination of the other series)

Ninnu Kori Poetry Original Instagram Stories Series

Divine Masculine

Letters to the Divine Feminine from the Divine Masculine

Soulmate Love

Into the Night

Ninnu Kori Poetry Spoken Poetry

Available on IGTV, Ninnu Kori Poetry Instagram page feed, and on Ninnu Kori Poetry Youtube Channel: Surely,Sherley

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Please Note: All works of the Ninnu Kori Poetry, The Shiddha, and Surely,Sherley brands are © Sherley J. Edinbarough, 2012-2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of all material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. All Rights Reserved.

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